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Peter Bargh : The Sound Of Music

Being in Sheffield in the early 80s was a perfect enlightenment to electronic music. Bands such as Vice Versa, ClockDVA, early Human League and Cabaret Voltaire inspired me to purchase a bright yellow, plastic-constructed synthesizer, aptly called the Wasp.
I played with various friends making music. My first semi serious band was Glass Music, and later a very brief appearance in Fatales. Mark Holmes and I formed Mein Glass Fabrik and produced two albums. Then I took a long break, just dabbling occasionally with Cubase and a Roland JX-3P. A renewed energy came in 2010 when David Burleson and I got together to create Sound of Flak.
Today I'm creating mostly solo stuff using a Roland V-Synth plugged into Logic on an iMac.

Music Projects

Current Projects

Sound of Flak

Sound of Flak A duo with David Burleson formed in 2010, producing a wide latitude of material from ambient to rock, mainly in the experimental genre. We have one CD published titled The Unbalanced and another set of material on Soundcloud and youtube.

The Orange Light Project

Orange light Project A duo with Jade Lauren. Jade provides vocals and I add electronic soundscapes to create interesting low-fi electronica.


Peter Bargh A solo project being worked on. I currently have over six hours of unfinished material that I'm slowly shaping up ready for release. The first of these is provisionally named Solaris

Projects of the Past



Heart is a Spiral 2 (ft Jade Lauren)

Peace1 (ft Jo Cheung)

Reverse Light

Minack Theatre (ft Sieben)

Numbered (SOF)

Me Shnen (ft Jade Lauren)

Butterflies (ft Jade Lauren)

Colours of the Night (ft Evi Vine)

River Song (ft Luna Blake)

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